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I'm carrying all the love of an orchestra

I've got songs in my blood

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baby, there's no other superstar
26. Aquarius. Pennsylvania. East Coast all the way. Eclectic. Nerd. Geek. Pop Culture Aficionado. Sarcastic. Hopeless romantic. Avid reader. Wannabe fashion critic. TV show junkie. Loves music, loves to dance. Almost a professional student. <3 Pittsburgh Steelers.

ISTJ - Introverted Sensing Thinking Judging

"Yeah, there'll come a day. Maybe tomorrow or next week, next year, when you realize the hunt, your entire life was meaningless and disappointing - 'cause there's no challenge in it. And all the power in the world doesn't matter if you've lived an unsatisfied life. But I think you know that already, don't you?"


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